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Haven't posted in a while XD[well a week]

Today I FINALLY went to the Japanese school "Rikkyo Gakuen" and it was AMAZING!
Everything was so...japanese 8D LOL The school uniform, the classrooms...the only thing that was wrong was the weather cause it was FREEZING. I have a kouhai in the year below me who'd been to their 'open day' before and she like introduced me to some of the girls and we were all like flailing around because it was like OMG ARASHIIII!!! XD There was this one girl Haruka-chan also in the year below, she'd gone to LAST YEAR'S NAGOYA CONCERT!!! She even had like the phone strap along with the kokuritus[gold] charm, sapporo dome charm, tokyo dome charm and the orange[don't remember where] charm on her phone. The sticker on her phone case [which was a bunch of letters and numbers] WAS HER TICKET/SEAT NUMBER WHEN SHE WENT TO THE CONCERT!!!!!!!!! JEALOUSSS Oh and she also had the kokuritsu pin badges from BNMF concert as well.

It's so funny how everyone who is japanese that I happen to meet or know is somehow related to Arashi: first there was my japanese teacher[back at home - not in england]'s friend who got to go watch VS Arashi live[upcoming 25th of November's episode], then my sister's friend in uni [japanese guy named Taishi] apparently he'd done his like work experience with ARASHI'S STYLIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, going back to my trip to the school - there was so much food and stuff that I'd bought [and eaten alraedy - i'm such a freaking fatty ahahahahaha] and the yakitori stall had thIs REALLY FIT[english term for 'hot' if you don't know] guy. I was with one of my senapai [who is Japanese] and we were like: "OMG HE'S SO FIT" like the WHOLE time XD
Along with this, my kouhai has this HUGE ASS crush on some guy named Mizuda Daichi who we had nicknamed 'mame' [bean in japanese LMAO] because his face looks like a bean. I kept on calling him mame-chan :p
ANYWAYS we had to like go and find this other Japanese girl to find mame-chan because my kouhai only knew him from last year when she'd gone to the opening day and they talked for a bit and my kouhai is incredibly shy and crazy at the same time and she was like :OMGOMGOMGWHATAMIGONNADOOOO the WHOLE time. In the end with the help of Haruka, we were able to get her to take a photo with mame-chan XD
And apparently Mame-chan has a lot of 'fans' ahahahaha. He's not that good looking. Really.

Speaking of good looking guys - the Yakitori stall. My senpai and I were talking and this lovely young fit guy ran past us 'advertising' for people to go to the stall. It was later on that we found out that his name was Yuu and that he was in his 3rd/last year of High school. I don't have a clear pic of him but, here are a few photos that I took today:

Yuu is the guy in the pale-green v-neck shirt NOT the chicken XD [talking about stalkerism ahahahaha] although you can't see his face[i tried to take a pic :p] he REALLY IS good looking ;)

Another recent happening: I SWEAR someone has cursed my room at school. The heating is too hot[i have a thermometer and it says its 28 DEGREES C!!!], the lights in my room have ALSO gone all wierd - apparently it's a short circuit AND i get spiders about this BIG -->>

(------------------------------------------------------------------) NO KIDDING, THIS IS THE SAME SIZE
I've had about 3 of them in my room so far and my friend was really unlucky since one of them dropped on her when she was taking a shower T_T''''

Someone must really hate me...

Anyways, I gotta go do my Japanese essay now - the teacher here at school is so f*cking stupid. She's never taught me how to write an essay and she's like "You have to do one" and even when I argue back she said: "I'm not having this conversation with you. It doesn't matter  if you don't know how, just get on with it." I was like WTF B*TCH???!?!?! I feel really sorry for my kouhai in Y9 cause when they have lessons with her all she's ever taught them is hambaaga desu. and they watch movies and fold origami. Her accent is also really cringable...

Oh and since she said I could choose my topic for my essay I'm writing about ARASHI XD
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