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Update Post - It's been over 10 years since I made this account lol

Just an update to anyone that's still even around... :)

  • I've moved back home

  • I've been working for a while

  • Arashi went on hiatus but I managed to catch up on the few things and watched the This is ARASHI Live concert

  • I've spent a ridiculous amount of money buying Arashi goods again as per usual

  • Life has just changed a lot ^^'

I am old now lol. I do miss the days where LJ was a bit livelier and the communities were more active.
I'll be lurking and downloading more Arashi content for a bit now haha

Most previous posts are locked cause my teenager rambling is too embarassing to behold >_>;

Anyways, peace out.


  • Shotoro arrived ^^

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