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SO this is kind of a little report-ish summary of mine based on MY highlights of the show XD


First of all, the weather during the day was pretty okay - I thought that maybe, just today it wouldn't rain.


By 3:00PM IT WAS POURING! POURINGPOURINGPOURINGPOURINGPOURING!!!!!!!!! So, because of this, I decided to get ready early and planned to leave my house at 5 so I could arrive at the Thunderdome at 6. Unfortunately, I hadn't gotten my money from my mom(who was coming back from one of her old 'ex-students school committee' meeting thingies so she had to use the car as well. When she and my driver arrived, it was about 17:30. I was so angry but I couldn't do anything - one thing about BKK, the traffic is ALWAYS bad. Especially on weekends, especially in the evening (rush hour?) AND ESPECIALLY IF ITS BEEN FUCKING RAINING.

I was supposed to meet up with my friend at the Thunderdome, but her house was further way from IMPACT arena than mines was. I got quite stressed out cause I thought we couldn't make it on time. The roads were flooded, MILLIONS AND GAJILLIONS OF CARS IN THE WAY...GAHHHH but i got there at about 18:45 (supposed to arrive at about 18:30  but my driver took me to the wrong building at first - he took me to the place which Maroon 5 was playing ahahaha) And i STILL had to wait for my friend because I had the tickets. During this time, I tried to go and but the concert goods(which was my aim from the very beginning - pretty much the reason why I wanted to get to the concert earlier) BUT BECAUSE OF THE TIME they'd closed the line and said that we could buy more stuff after the concert T.T''''

So at the last minute, my friend arrived - HOWEVER our tickets were...WRONG?!??! Apparently, Thai-Ticket Major had changed our ticket seats because they decided that the area we got our tickets for were bad seats - my friend and I were originally supposed to be sitting in Zone F but our tickets were then moved to...ZONE I, ROW no. 6 & 7.



Can I just say, never before in my life had my ears gone so numb from all the screaming, shouting, squealing...clapping etc. etc.

The first song of course, was DAITE SENIORITA. Pi was wearing a glittery-military-cut red, gold and black long-coat, his hair of course is still the same XD and everyone screamed each time he did that thrusting-hip motion thing in his dance moves :D And there I was, standing in awe and shock because the only thing that kept on going through my mind was: OMFG ITS THE REAL THING!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF ME!!!!!!!!

So anyways, second highlight: The introductions. The Johnnys Juniors that came with Pi were A.B.C.Z and FiVe(who did the musical instruments) I believe it was Kawai(OMG SPELLING T_T''')'s introduction that I loved most. WHY? BECAUSE HE WAS DOING MATSUJUN'S WISH DANCE MOVE MONOMANE!!!!!!!!! OMFGOMFGOMFG AHAHAHAHHAA I was LAUGHING MY ASS OFF AHAHAHAHA XD I had to say that there Thai pronounciation wasn't that bad - speaking of which Yamapi's english WAS SO CUTE :P He spoke quite a bit of english((random insert here - I think the translator didn't do his job that well because there was one part when Pi was saying: please forget all the bad/sad(warui) koto and enjoy the concert (something along the lines of that) and the trnaslator said: "Please forget everthing" -.-''')) Other than that(I'm sorry to ABCZ fans that may be reading this) I didn't really find any other member's introduction to be as interesting as Kawai's LOL

3rd highlight: THE MC!!! THEY DECIDED TO ASK FANS QUESTIONS!!! Most of them were like: I love you Yamapi! And weren't really questions but I believe some of the questions were like "What would you like to do most in Thailand" and Pi answered that he'd like to go water-scootering (I FAIL XD) and someone else asked "Would you come to Thailand again?" and he answered "If you call me over ;)" Then there were questions like asking Kawai to do another monomane and someone ASKED YAMAPI TO HUG HER WHICH HE DID OMFGOFMGOMFGOMFG Everyone in my zone were like green with jealousy ahahaha

Other: The white leather sofa (i don't remember which song it is: FAIL) but he changed into a white shirt on this white leather sofa on the left corner of the stage and everyone was screaming their ass off - then there was another song in which they played videos of several scenes of Pi's past dramas(INCLUDING THE ONE WHICH HE WAS NAKED IN THE BATHTUB!!! which everyone screamed at) And sometime during the concert, the lid of my pen-light thingy fell off and parts of my penlight flew into the air...I think it was because I was shaking it too hard XD But I found the parts in the end anyways.

And this is the list of songs I can remember (sorry, I fail -  not in the right order either[this i am sure of])

Daite Seniorita
Seishun Amigo
One in a Million
Tokyo Sinfornetta
Friday Night
Blood Diamond
Gomen ne
Touch you

(something else?)

Oh and during the 'end' and the encore, the whole stadium started singing 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' to Yamapi XD but he wasn't there to see it. There were also parts when ABCZ sang some of their songs in which I assume one was called 'Vanilla'. There was also this part where they did this fighting scene thing with katanas and spears - then Pi appeared with a more japanese-themed outfit and started singing...uhh...I think my excitement makes my memory fail DX Anyways, he was also wearing like an akuma mask(?) at the start of it as well.

Um what else? Most of the english phrases Pi used were like "Dance song!" and things like that...Anytime there was extra skin being showed the whole stadium burst into HE ALSO THREW ABOUT 3-4 BALLS INTO THE CROWD (and I saw a lot of people fighting for them ahahaa) My friend and I fought over one of the streamers that fell in front of us XD - she also got a Styrofoam thingy so we tore each in half and gave them to each other XD

We missed part of the end though. Cause we actually thought the concert had ended and we rushed to go line up for the concert goods - but I had to admit what we did was right in a way because as soon as the concert ended the line was REALLY REALLY REALLY long. Oh and I got one of everything of course :p (might upload pics later ahahaa)

Anyways, its late and I should go take a shower and go to bed cause i'm so exhausted from all the screaming I've done today :p


I'd kill to go again tomorrow XD
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