I really do wonder if anyone I know is around anymore? It's been a while - finally graduated and am actually in the middle of my postgrad now. Much work. Much stress.

Surprisingly I've started listening to old Arashi songs again :) its quite nice and nostalgic.

Anyone out there anymore? x'D


End of second year

Nothing much again - 2nd year was a lot more stressful than first. Seems like my interest in Arashi has also lessened :( despite my visit to Japan in August as well x'D blah

Anyways, Birthday was pretty shit...and I'm planning to take up Japanese as one of my modules in Uni next year

We'll see how it goes

P.S. tbh is anyone still using their livejournal? I check every now and then but it seems a lot of people have become so inactive... :/

shit it's been a while XD

There seems to be issues with photobucket and the original lj layouts and stuff so I've scavenged one from rainbowdump (seems to be the only one left that still works) plus a banner from another layout (cause it was a nino one and I'd prefer for all five arashi members lol)
*sigh* not much, summer holidays. First year of uni done. Just distracting myself with lots of stuff like youtube etc. now :)
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Looking back :)

Its been quite some time since I last posted anything ^^

A lot of stuff has happened. I got my exam results - A* in Japanese! ;) (90/100)! However I got a B in Psychology and unfortunately a C in Biology (I'm shit at the subject anyways). It was rather annoying and disappointing considering that LSE did offer me ABB and I was told that A*BC could make up to ABB but they refused to have any negotations -_-''

Weirdly enough, I managed to contact Exeter (who offered me ABB before I declined them) and they said that they'd take me in - like straight away! So I guess I'm lucky. I'll be studying Sociology BA :) Freshers week is like a week from now so I will probably not write anything for a couple more months considering how long it will take me to get used to living in Exeter etc. etc.

Looking back at all my old posts, it feels like I've grown a lot. Not feeling as crazy and hyper like I used to - or it could just be me being anxious about Uni and stuff. Lets see...anything else... - well just had my one year anniversary with my bf (ahahaha funny how that turned out) But it'll be annoying considering with Uni life abroad and all, I'll only be coming back home 3 times a year so I'll be gone like for 3 months at a time :( Sucks a lot. But I think we can manage....?

Got loads more Arashi goods. I think I really should stop pretty soon because everytime I get more pocket money I spend more and more and well...not a good habit LOL

I haven't yet chosen any modules for my degree, I was thinking Japanese but unfortunately I'm over-qualified for the modules that they are offering at the moment XD So thats very annoying too

Guess theres nothing else other than that :p

Peace out XD



Gosh its been SUCH a long time since i've posted anything XD

Lets see, here are the list of changes:

1.) Bf stuff is no longer confusing and annoying
2.) I got my uni offers (for sociology from LSE and sociology and International relations combined honours for Oxford.B)
3.) FINALLY FINISHED MY EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4.) Waiting for Grad day which is on the 7th of July~
6.) I AM FINALLY 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D
7.) And probs a lot more stuff which i cannot really be bothered to write them all down ahahaha

So now its my 'summer' holidays, all i'll have to do is wait till August the 16th to see whether i got my grades for uni or not :/ which i probs didn't since i probably failed all my stupid biology exams T_T'''''' I HATE BIOLOGY GAHHHHHHHH

Well, bai bai for nowwwieess :p

why is life so complicated?

Here I am nursing a glass of alcohol as i wait for the right time difference.
Lots of crap has happened since i last wrote - i met a guy...we knew each other for like a month before he suddenly kissed me out of nowhere and now he's my 'boyfriend' but things aren't working out because I'm here in England still studying and he's at home and he's working.
It's only been a week since I came back and my life is hell cause all we've been doing is arguing so my week-long relationship (since he kissed me the day before i came back) is probably going to be over.

What's even worse is that migraine that dessappeared over summer has now come back due to the fact that work has been PILING UP.

GAH MY LIFE SUCKS... T_T''''''''''''''''''''''
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Just got out of hospital... =]


I had an operation last week and I'm resting at home at the mo :p

However, work-experience starts tomorrow for me! :o
It's at a Japanese company and stuff...apparently they can't speak english: kowaii 3:

I've also got a really scary story to tell:

Apparently my nanny (yes i do have a nanny and I love her to death because she's been with me since i was born) has a 6th sense. I do believe in ghosts - because I've had my fair share of um...experiences. But this was probably the most scariest one yet.

After getting out of hospital - my internet at my other house wasn't working(i was in Phuket) but it was at my brother's house (which was like next door) in which my brother gave me permission to go stay there for a few days before I flew back home(BKK). Nothing happened the first night. I went to bed pretty early (around 9:30) because I felt exhausted. Btw, I really like my brother's house btw because its oh so modern and amazing and its got lots of windows and i happen to LOVE natural light. Anyways, the second night was different.

I was just lying there in bed (this was around 22:30) when my nanny woke up and told me to go to sleep right away. And c'mon guys, it's the summer holidays right? 22:30 is NOTHING. There were times when I'd sleep at 5AM for god's sake. Well anyways, before my nanny went to sleep she kept on nagging me about how I was sleeping late and that I should sleep early because this wasn't my house and the 'people' (aka spirits that owned the place) weren't going to be very happy because I was sleeping late. If you listen to that, it sounds like some kind of excuse to get a child to sleep earlier right? So I was like: Hell yea - no way, I don't care.

So when she went back to sleep I continued playing on my laptop. It was then about like an hour later at 22:30 - that she woke up and asked me why I let the strange man into the house. At this point, I was like WTF are you talking about?! I've been lying right here (she slept on the floor next to my bed in case i needed help getting up because my stitches were still in) the whole time! What do you mean I went to the front door and let a man in???

She then replied: It doesn't matter anymore, he's gone. Now go to sleep, I will put your laptop away for you.
My nanny then gets up and tries to pull my laptop away from me in which, I of course protested. It was at that moment, that all the dogs outside my brother's house (he keeps several dogs to gaurd the place) started howling at the same time. Like the kind of howl you'd hear in those horror movies. I was absolutely petrified and I swear I almost fainted. Not to mention, my brother's house is like a one floor house and the dogs were just right oustide the window. This really freaked me out. I went straight to sleep after that - actually no I couldn't go to sleep till like 3AM because it was all too scary.

Same night - my older sister had a similar experience. She went to bed at 1AM because at that time she was on the phone talking to a friend, and then the dogs started howling so she was like "Oh shit i'm going to sleep now."



That's only one of my stories - I've plenty more since I go to boarding school and all that jazz and my school is QUITE OLD. But I'll save those stories for later...


Toodles - gotta go rest now ;p






As you people may not know(or care about) The Wimbledon Championships is a Tennis tournament - and this year is its 125th Anniversary :)

Furthermore, this year - my mom was fortunate enough to get tickets to CENTRE COURT!
(To those of you who don't know what that is - its the most...well its the main court really, got a roof and everything to keep the rain out and stuff???)

ANYWAYS - My mom and I went there early this morning(followed by our cousin) and we had a private lunch(basically we got the tickets cause my mom is becoming a Barclay member and the Wimbledon ticket stuff is ESPECIALLY for members LOL) arranged by said bank. The food was really nice - lots of um...old people (I was the youngest there and really out of place :p)

The first match was Kimiko Date-Krumm(JAPAN) VS Venus Williams (I am assuming I don't have to tell you people who that is.) It was quite a close match - I have to say that Kimiko played really well. Anyways, I was kinda bummed out because I didn't get to see my two most fave players: Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic (No.3 and No.2 ranking in the world) in fact, I was planning to go to the practice courts earlier on in the morning but the person with our tickets didn't arrive till around 11:00 which was already too late. Besides the weather today (for those of you who are in the UK know this) was terrible. Rain, rain rain and more rain T_T'''''

So yes, going back on track(kinda), weather was terrible, didn't get to see my fave players(cause they played in Centre court the day before) the good thing was that I did buy A LOT of Wimbledon goods though :p Okay so we also had a REALLY nice tea after the first match (whilst we waited for Nadal and Ryan Sweeting to come on) but we didn't go back to our seats straight away after eating- in fact we just wondered around for a bit.

So there I was, walking around, I glanced at the practice courts...AND...OMFG!!! There only like 20 metres away from me, was the my no.1(even though he's ranked no.2 but fuck that) NOVAK DJOKOVIC!!!!!!!!!!

You're gonna have to imagine that went ABSOLUTELY BALLISTIC at this point - I ran so fast that my iphone dropped SCREEN FIRST(but luckily there were only a few scratches) so I moved my pudgy ass as fast as I could to the edge of the practice courts where TONS of other people were crowded around. I managed to squish in and just stood there, gaping at the fact that THE Djokovic was only a couple of metres away from me!!! At this point, Idk what went through my mind, really but I then proceeded to shout out to him: "DJOKOVIC!!! WILL YOU MARRY ME?!?!?!" Obiviously people started laughing but then he answered: "SURE!"

You people have NO idea how much that actually meant to me. I was like...on the moon from then on till now. By this time, my Mom had run off to find a couple of postcards in case he came over so I could get them signed, but in the end there were too many people and I was just too short so I couldn't reach him T_T''''

Oh also another absolutely amazing thing that happened was that Federer appeared out of the building for a couple of minutes and...well he walked back in without signing anything for anyone -.-'''

(a mix of Roddick, Nadal and yes unfortunately the blurry one is all I could get of Federer)


Other than that the rest of the day was good - Nadal won against Ryan, Idk about Roddick cause I only saw him for like a minute and i had to leave since I needed to get the tube to Victoria to get back to school >.<

But anyways...DJOKOVIC SAID 'YES' TO MY PROPOSAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (MAJOR FANGIRL MOMENT) kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3